I Did my own acrylic nails

Bought the kit at cvs yesterday and did my own acrylics for the FIRST time whatcha think?


Awesome! Was it hard?

Did it take you long? I might have to try that. How much did the kit cost?

No it wasn’t hard at all it was actually fun. It took around an hour but I was going slow trying to be careful since it was my first time trying it. I have done other nail treatments at home, never acrylics though. The kit I got was like 10.49 so it was very cheap compared to getting them done professionally. I went online this morning and found 500 tips for like 2.69 on Amazon and the liquid and powder are like 10 bucks a piece but it would last a LONG time. I think I’m going to continue with this.

now if I can find the time in my busy schedule.

Good job!

Do you have a drill or did you just file them?

Good job! As soon as we have funds again I’ll be practising my acrylics again.

I know! I actually have already been looking. I think I’m gonna order through amazon

They look amazing

I would so do this myself but I don’t have steady hands and while I might be able to make them look okay the first time around, I’m worried about how they would look when I attempted to fill them.

Thank you

I don’t have the steadiest hands and so when I made a mistake and got some acrylic on my skin I just took the cuticle stick and wiped it away. I don’t know if I will attempt to fill them or just take them off and put a new set on. usually by the time I need a fill I am ready for a different look.

I have the same kit but the first time I used it,

it was not good, all uneven nd bumpy..any advice how keep it all smooth and what not

Well when you are doing the nails you just have to look at them and kind of “fill in” the spots that are uneven and get it as even as you can, BUT it won’t be perfect at first, once you get them somewhat smooth and even once they dry you have to file them a LOT lol. That’s where you get the final “shape from” I used the 180 grit file at first (on that set in the pic) but I bought a nailene electric file. Also I use a buffer block (the kind that has like 4 sides with like even, smooth, buff, and shine) and then once it’s all smooth and pretty I put a top coat on it to make it shiny

Very nice, I have long nails so I just paint mine I never will put anything like that on them again.